Sunday, December 20, 2015

Irresistible Me Royal Remy Hair Extension Review

Hello Owlets, it's almost been two full months since I last posted (I will explain all of that in another post) and today I have for you a different kind of review. Sorry about the photo quality. I believe my camera is dying a slow and horrible death. Maybe I should ask Santa for a new one!

I was contacted by Irresistible Me to review a product of theirs, hair extensions. My curiosity was peaked, hair extensions + pixie cut? Is that possible? I goggled and searched and you tubed and was only able to find a few with my length of hair. Hmmmm, I thought, interesting, I wonder.....let's play!

So the extensions come in the box shown in previous photo. They then come in these cool looking zippered pouch. Why the two compartments? Well, the smaller one holds one clip in extensions that you can take out and test the color before opening up the entire package. How cool is that? If you chose the wrong color you would simply return it and that larger bundle could be used again! How thoughtful and very economic.

Here is the clip in that you use to check to make sure you chose correctly. And I did! As you can see it also comes with extra clips that you can replace lost ones if needed, like the little bag of buttons that come with fancy shirts.

I chose Royal Remy Hair in Medium Brown (#4), 14 inches, and the 200g set as it gives more pieces.

Next I am showing you the four different clip in pieces that you receive.

This is the largest and obviously the fullest and heaviest piece. This four clip in gives a lot of volume.

These are the three clips. I liked to use these first to give my hair a more natural look.

Five two clip clip ins. These are great fillers to help blend the hair all together.

And finally, two one clips. These are great to use to fill in as well, I only wish there were more of these.

A closeup of the clips. They are those bendy kinds, so they are easy to put in. This closeup also shows some of the different colors in the hair which gives it a much more natural look.

So here is me rocking my own hair (and an awesome shirt!). My hair here is longer than I normally have it, I'm due for a hair cut. But I figured this length would blend better than even shorter hair. (ugh! I hate taking pictures of myself!)

Ok, now I am in no way an expert on hair extensions, I know these don't look all perfect; but I think I did a fantabulous job putting these in.

It was so fun to wear them around. I haven't had long hair in over 20 years, and then it wasn't even this long. I felt like a mermaid! :)

As you can see, the color is perfect! As is the thickness/volume of the hair, meaning I don't have a poof of hair around my shoulders. They weren't heavy and there was no pulling (except for me pulling hair off my lips when it would get stuck in lip gloss. New experience for me).

I am definitely wearing these more often. I think I'm going to take them to my hairdresser to get them trimmed/styled a bit so they frame my face more. Still deciding. But you can color and curl these, possibilities are endless!

I had no issues with the extensions (well, one of the clips came loose but one little stitch and it's fixed, no problem) and would absolutely recommend anyone and everyone who's ever been interested in trying hair extensions to go through Irresistible Me. They also have other products on their site: styling tools, hair care products, and accessories. A little bit of something for everyone.

Thank you Irresistible Me for letting check something off my bucket list of having tried hair extensions!