Wednesday, July 31, 2013

ABC: E is for Catrice The Effect Maker

Catrice The Effect Maker is one of my newest pretties (8 Catrices total!) that I got by way of Jewli from Fanning the Fumes! Thank you Jewli! I love having polish friends across the great big pond! :)

Just check out that pink shimmer in this nude! I love it! In real life the whole polish color is a bit more pink toned. This is three coats because it is a bit sheer. I also used HK Girl Top Coat.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

ABC: D is for Diamond Cosmetics Chainmail Charm

Ok, so the D for today's post comes from the company name: Diamond Cosmetics. The polish name is Chainmail Charm. This is a lovely charcoal holo. Looks more sparkly in the photos, but there is some holo in real life! Just not as much as I had hoped for. 

In this slightly blurry photo you can see some holo on my index finger. See it? I promise it's there! Either way the polish is really pretty in real life and the formula is fabulous! :)

Friday, July 26, 2013

ABC: C is for KleanColor Coffee Addict and Rainbow Polish Chewie

C is for cookie that's good enough for me. Oh um, wait nope, not what C stands for today. But now that's in you head right? Today's polishes totally made my camera go crazy and not focus properly.

I started out with one coat of KleanColor Coffee Addict. Gorgeous color and lovely formula! I then did one thicker coat of Rainbow Polish Chewie. This polish is from the Star Set 2 and is inspired by Chewbacca, everyone's favorite Wookie!
Also used HK Girl Top Coat!

A quick swatch to show you Chewie on a white background. I love this polish! And Rainbow Polish's formula is always perfect!

Another TGIF: Thank Goodness, Indy Indie Friday moment! Don't forget to check out Emma over at Manicurity and her TGIF post!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

ABC: B is for OPI Berlin There Done That and Essence Break Through

What's this? Another tape mani so soon after The Digit-al Dozen Does Tape Manis? Yep, I was in the groove with doing them and found it isn't so long as I stay away from the smaller intricate designs! :)

For the letter B I chose two different B named polishes added to more onto my tired list! This is two coats of OPI Berlin There Done That and one thicker coat of Essence Break Through.

I used one of my thicker chevron nail stickers to create the design. I also had the help of HK Girl Top Coat. And I must say that I really loved this design. Very simple but with a graphic quality!

Monday, July 22, 2013

ABC: A is for Essie Armed & Ready and Hit Polish Nail Laquer Antique Rose

Today starts my ABC Challenge! Another way for me to go through my untrieds (and to try and not buy a polish for Q, Y, or X!). I have always liked reading this type of post so I thought I would try it too! :)

I started out with two coats of Essie Armed & Ready. I love this color, kind of a green grey with golden shimmer! Gorgeous! And the formula is nice too! I've had this polish for awhile, it's nice to use it! :)

I then did a simple accent nails using one thicker coat of Hit Polish Nail Lacquer Antique Rose. Such a gorgeous glitter! And perfect formula (like always!). I did noticed that there is another Antique Rose formula in her shop with round glitter! 
In this macro you can really see the shimmer of Essie Armed & Ready.

Same photo as the first, thought I would show it to you again. I love this combo!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Untried Polish Challenge: Creme

Today is the final day of the Untried Polish Challenge. And I think I have ended with one of my favorite manis in a while! Today's prompt was: Creme.

I used China Glaze Recycle (two coats). Such a lovely grey creme! Can't go wrong with this color! :)

I then stamped using Konad M83 and A England Saint George. Saint George is such a perfect stamper polish! Just look! Bah! I love it!

And of course I used HK Girl Top Coat, the perfect top coat for stamping! I have never had it smear my stamping! Fabulous! :)

Well, this challenge is over and I went through quite a few untrieds! Hallelujah! Now onto my next challenge that starts next week! What could it be? How about a video clue?

Or another one?

And another (just 'cause I really like these last two songs and their take on a classic!)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Untried Polish Challenge: Prettiest

Today's prompt for the Untried Polish Challenge is: Prettiest. Ugh, that's so hard! How do you choose the prettiest? I mean, aren't they all pretty? Isn't that why you chose them?

This here is two coats of China Glaze Snap My Dragon. It is a super gorgeous hot pink that capture more red in my photos, sad day! But at least you can still see the shimmer! Which is one reason it's the prettiest.

Kept it simple and added one coat of Orly So Go-Diva, a copper/brown glitter in clear base. Pink and brown are a fav combo of mine!

A close up of So Go-Diva. Wow, camera and polishes not playing nice today. I promise the glitter isn't black but actually brown! :)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Digit-al Dozen Does Tape Manis Week Round-up!

Can you believe it's been a week already!? If you missed it, here is a chance to get caught up on the amazing tape from the week!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Untried Polish Challenge: Cheapest AND The Digit-al Dozen Does Tape Manis

Final day of The Digit-al Dozen Does Tape Manis. Phew! I made it! Didn't think I would! ;) I also did the easiest tape mani ever today! That's alright, I love it! 

Also today is Untried Polish Challenge: Cheapest. Both of the polish I used are untried but the glitter is the cheapest. It is Hit Polish Nail Lacquer: Like, Gag Me with Glitter! This is my cheapest because I won it! Yep. Hit Polish Nail Lacquer was having a name that polish contest and my name for the polish was chosen! Thank you Hit Polish Lacquer!

This is my base, Joe Fresh Teal. A few Canada trips ago I bought a few Joe Fresh polishes and haven't used them yet. And this one is gorgeous! A shimmer too!

And here is Hit Polish Nail Lacquer: Like, Gag Me with Glitter! It reminded me of the '80s and Valley girls! Hit Polish Nail Lacquer has such amazing polishes! Just look at that glitter! So purdy!

And of course I topped it all off with HK Girl Top Coat! So shiny!

Well, it's Friday so you know what that means. Yep, today was a TGIF: Thank Goodness, Indy Indie Friday!

Please visit Hit Polish Nail Lacquer's Etsy page to drool over some goodies!
Go and like Hit Polish on Facebook to be kept up-to-date!

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Untried Polish Challenge: A Gift AND The Digit-al Dozen Does Tape Manis

Day 4 of The Digit-al Dozen Does Tape Manis and another Untried Polish Challenge of a gift! Both of these polishes were a gift! :)

Here is Orly Sea Gurl, a Christmas gift from two Christmases ago! Yep, it was still an untried. Oops! But not any more! This is one coat. It's a very interesting polish. I like it!

I then used striping tape and made some designs and used OPI DS Mystery, a gift from April over at Munia's Nails. This is a gorgeous deep purple with flakies! Yum!

I used HK Girl Top Coat to finish it off. I am almost done my bottle of this top coat and it hasn't gotten thick! Awesome! Now I wish the brush was a little longer so I didn't have to tip the bottle to get some out. :)

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Untried Polish Challenge: In Season AND The Digit-al Dozen Does Tape Manis

Day 3 of The Digit-al Dozen Does Tape Manis in which my tape mani kind of looks like a slide or even a high heel. Huh. And today is also In Season for the Untried Polish Challenge. I don't have many brights or neons so I was happy when Birchbox sent me one and even more happy when I had a color for the In Season part of the challenge!

Here is Color Club Reign in Spain. A bright coral. Looks more orange here, but now I understand the problem of photographing neons! They hate cameras! This is one coat.

I then used this weird nail guide sticker, like an arch or something, who knows. But I do know it looks like a slide or high heel. I painted over the guide with Layla Softouch 09, Aqua Zen (another untried). I then used my dotting tool and Milani White on the Spot to add a bit more something to the design. I topped it all off with HK Girl Top Coat.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Untried Polish Challenge: Glitter AND The Digit-al Dozen Does Tape Manis

Day 2 of The Digit-al Dozen Does Tape Manis and also Glitter Day for the Untried Polish Challenge! So um yep. Today's tape mani isn't so much of a win. But! I did use two amazing untried polishes!

So, yeah, I think I found my perfect mannequin hand polish! Essence Cafe Ole. Isn't it purdy! It's got a shimmer too! And since it is an Essence polish the formula is perfect! I love it! I used HK Girl Top Coat to help with the taping.

I then used Roca Tacoma from Sonoma Nail Art's Tacoma Nail Art collection. And it is amazing! Usually I'm not a huge gold fan but this is stunning! The pinks in it really tones down the gold. Gorgeous!

And since my tape cross thingy didn't really work I had this huge empty spot. Well, I didn't participate in Bling Week for The Digit-al Dozen so I thought I would use an item I had planned on using then! This rhinestone is from my scrapbooking supplies. And it is a lot smaller when not on the nail! :) Though it was intentional, I kind of like how it ended up! :)

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