Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Indie Month: Day 17 - Rainbow Honey Snake Eyes

Indie month continues with Rainbow Honey: Snake Eyes. I received this pretty in a swap with Nailpolish is My Crack. Snake Eyes is part of the Chrono Cross Collection.


I decided to do a quick mani showing the different aspects of this polish (this format will be seen in the next 2 posts over the next two days). I used two coats of China Glaze Recycle on my index and middle fingers. Rainbow Honey Snake Eyes is used as a french mani accent on my index finger, applied as one coat over my middle finger, applied as three coats over no undies on my ring finger, and one coat on my pinkie finger no undies. 

I decided to do this format for a few reasons: today and the next two days I am reviewing green Indies and I wanted to compare them all for you, this shows a variety of uses and coverage, and I've been sick and needed to crank out some posts! Hahaha! Sorry! Oh and what's with the green you ask? Well, I got my days mixed up and thought St Patrick's Day was this Sunday coming up, not passed! Oops! Stupid cold making my head fuzzy! >_<

Rainbow Honey Snake Eyes is gorgeous! Just look at that shimmer in the base! It's a green-ish base with like a green/gold shimmer. It is filled with a bunch of different colors of glitter (purple, gold, pink, to name a few).

The formula was lovely! No issues and no glitter fishing as you can tell by the one coat on my middle and pinkie fingers! And it easily applied as a french tip accent! Win!

This polish is unique to my collection. And what do I love most about it? That shimmer! I really had no idea it had it until I applied it and then BAM! So pretty!

This polish is available on Rainbow Honey's site for $10.00

To buy this polish and many more, please visit Rainbow Honey.
To be kept up-to-date, please visit Rainbow Honey Facebook page.


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