Friday, October 16, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas: Geeks

As you can see, this is a late post. To be honest, I had almost thrown in the towel on blogging this week. I really thought I was done. I had even created a mani for The Digit-al Dozen Does Autumn Week, but I couldn't get it to turn out the way I wanted it to and so I became anxious and gave up. I told the DD ladies that I didn't know what to do anymore. 

But! I woke up this morning with an idea for a mani! A mani that fits both themes that I needed today! I needed a Digit-al Dozen Autumn mani and I needed 40 Great Nail Art Idea: Geeks mani.

And I did it! I did it! I can't believe I did it! Yay! (Hahahahahaha, I hope someone sung that song while reading that).

I am hoping you all can tell where I got my inspiration. (pssst, my own blog!) 
Owl and colors I used = Autumn. Steampunk and Owl = Geek (because that's me!). Boo-yah! I tried to match the colors as close as I could (thought I did a pretty fantabulous job). 

My blog designs were all created by a dear friend of mine Missy (from Gnarly Gnails) (girl, I wish you were still blogging!I miss your face!). Looking over the icons and avatar and header she created got me thinking about the past couple of years. I realized that though I myself haven't grown so much as an artist (I think this is as good as it gets) but I do know that I have grown as a person. You all have been there for me, complete strangers, and yet we are all connected. And that is why I love the nail polish community!

So I chose my own blog design because the prompt was Geeks and I am a big huge Geek (with a capital G)!

I used BarryM Chai for the base of three of my nails (actually, this mani was a full mani....yep, all ten! Woot woot!). My accent finger is Pretty & Polished In the Buff (a gorgeous dusty mustard! Yummy!). I stamped using BarryM Cancun and Barry M Mustard using Messy Mansion MM43 for the Steampunk aspect. I used Konad Black and Born Pretty BP-L019 for the owl (I think he looks a lot like my little tab avatar guy). I used HK Girl Top Coat.

Guess what. I did this mani in an hour. All ten fingers! All with first try stamping! I think the polish gods were smiling down on me. I think I should take this as a sign. ;)

This is the collage for last week's 40 Great Nail Art Ideas: Teal (+ a pattern). I love these collages!

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